Our Why


You've heard the buzzwords I'm sure. They seem to pop up a lot. Things like "corporate social responsibility", "sustainable business" and "corporate citizenship". But what is it really? and is it just talk?

Being socially responsible is about trying to give back as much as possible while taking as little or creating as little risk (to the environment or to society) as possible. For some businesses, it occurs later, once the profits are rolling in and when someone that cares, finally has the financial power to do something. For us, it's the other way around. Giving back, maximising the impact on society and minimising the impact on the environment is embedded within our values, embedded within the business model and underpins every decision we make. Like we've said already, it's not an after-thought; it was a pre-thought. It's why we exist.

Supporting and promoting creatives is at the very heart of figgle

We encourage you to browse through all our artists and support any that create work you like, whether they are a hobbyist or an established full-time artist. Follow them on social media, write reviews of what you buy and join a growing community of people that passionately support creatives, providing them with stability and financial security.

Act globally, buy locally

It sounds like a gimmicky tag line, but it's true. You can be anywhere in the world and still support a local Australian business thanks to our dropshipping business model. When you purchase a product from us, the item is made right here in Brisbane, Australia. This supports local manufacturing, local delivery services and all the suppliers that supply the bits and pieces that are needed to make the item. As we grow, our aim is to on-board manufacturers in every country we operate in, so that you're having a truly local impact.

Minimising our impact on the planet

We want you to love the products you buy from us, but that love should not cost the earth, literally. We work with our suppliers to ensure that all stages of production and shipping leave the smallest footprint as possible, whether it's environmentally-friendly water-based inks, the use of recycled water in the production process, the use of fully recyclable packaging (that's a work in progress!) or off-setting the carbon cost of things we can't control. We are constantly pushing our suppliers to think about their entire process and optimise it to conserve our precious resources.