Our Impact


Incorporating the essence of ‘business for good’ into figgle was important from the very start. It is not an add-on; it’s a genuine, heartfelt way to ensure that you positively impact the lives of people around the world when you buy something from us. Each impact is aligned with one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals so every purchase provides important help to those that need it most.

There are two types of impacts: an automatic one and one you can select. This is how it works:

Firstly, the country you are in will determine the automatic 'local' impact we make on your behalf. Check out the impacts below.....

Customers in Australia

When a customer in Australia buys from us, we support Indigenous kids. To do that,

we provide up to 5 days of computer education to children in remote communities.

This impact gives young Indigenous Australians access to learning hubs. Many remote households don't have a computer or even a reliable power supply, so these learning hubs are the only chance for young people to develop their IT and English skills. With English being a third or fourth language, access to online resources reduces the linguistic, geographic and cultural isolation remote Aboriginal communities face. It enables them to stay in touch with relatives and supports self-directed learning, opening up employment and other future opportunities, while having fun developing their skills.

Customers in New Zealand

When a customer in New Zealand buys from us, we support local at-risk kids. To do that,

we provide up to 5 days of education support to disadvantaged children.

This impact equips a financially disadvantaged child in New Zealand with the basic necessities to attend school. Your contribution includes providing these children who come from families struggling to make ends meet with a raincoat, warm socks, leather shoes, nutritious food and basic health items such as Band aids, tissues, hand sanitiser, nit treatment and feminine hygiene products. This encourages them to attend school regularly, helps them focus better during lessons which makes a positive impact on their academic achievement and their future.

Now it's your choice

Secondly, you get to choose where we make an additional impact on your behalf.

We want customers of figgle to create a ripple of impacts around the world, reaching people we can't otherwise reach in our day-to-day lives. Therefore, when you add a product to your basket, you can select your favourite cause from one of the following four projects and we'll make an additional impact on your behalf.

All of our impacts are reconciled at the end of each trading day so don't be surprised if you make a purchase and the 'impact' numbers on the homepage don't change straight away!

Provide access to a safe home for sexually abused children for a day in Nepal

When a child is sexually abused they experience physical, verbal and emotional neglect. The children are frequently blamed and the sexual abuse is often only the start of an ongoing cycle of further abuse. When victims of sexual abuse are rescued, they are brought to a safe house to help them heal - physically and mentally. A safe house for survivors of sexual abuse is like a therapeutic community in itself. When they come here, they feel some kind of relief. This comes from meeting children similar to them giving the safe house a truly significant role in their recovery process.

Provide access to a safe home for sexually abused children for a day in Nepal

Providing safe drinking water to a family in Cambodia for an entire year

Access to safe drinking water is the foundation for the issues of health, education, food, and livelihood. In Cambodia, a country of approximately 15 million people, there are more than nine million cases of diarrheal disease annually, estimated to cost the nation about $448 million a year. Providing safe clean drinking water is one of the easiest ways to combat these diseases.

Providing safe drinking water to a family in Cambodia for an entire year

Provide a week of meals for a girl rescued from human trafficking in India

The victims of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation are largely women and children. While many NGOs and government agencies work tirelessly to address these issues, the problem continues to exist. Save the Children India takes care of rescued survivors and helps them to recover from this traumatic experience. This project provides these girls with nutritious food that will further their development / healthy life. A typical nutritious meal includes lentil soup (dal), rice, Indian bread (roti), vegetables, eggs, and salad. Your impact will provide a week's worth of meals to rescued girls.

Provide a week of meals for a girl rescued from human trafficking in India

Plant one tree in Indonesia help rebuild orangutan habitats

The trajectory of forest loss in Indonesia is deeply alarming for orangutans and other primates. Between 2000 and 2010, the mean annual rate of deforestation for Kalimantan was 3,234 km² per year. The density of orangutans has declined by roughly 50% in the past 16 years driven by habitat loss and fragmentation as a result of illegal logging and clearing for agriculture. We'll help protect one of the world's last orangutan populations by adding a tree to the 150 hectares already replanted in the rainforest of Gunung Palung National Park, home to 3,000 endangered Bornean orangutans.

Plant one tree in Indonesia help rebuild orangutan habitats

The Global Impact of figgle (so far)

Why we chose the UNs Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs) are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for us all. That's copied and pasted from the UNs page: click the "Read More' button below to read it all for yourself.

We chose to support the SDGs because they are a comprehensive, centralised and actionable set of 17 goals that tackle the worst of the problems we face as a planet and global population. As a result of these goals, charities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have been established to reach the most isolated communities and the most inhospitable parts of the globe and then relentlessly champion change. Each of the organisations that work towards achieving the 17 SDGs are filled with passionate and enthusiastic people, committed to the cause of improving our world under the banner of the SDGs.

On news and social media feeds, we see poverty, corruption, environmental decline, human trafficking and people still struggling to access the basics of healthcare, food and clean water. It can be overwhelming and hard to know how to change it. Then it dawned on us; there are people who have figured it all out, they just need resources and ultimately funding. That's why with every purchase on this site, we create impacts across a range of projects and support those organisations that can do what most of us can't.

Why we chose to work with B1G1

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to B1G1 and was instantly drawn to its simplicity: changing lives every day, just by building giving impacts into what we were doing anyway. So when I created figgle, we immediately joined B1G1 and a community of more than 2500 other businesses that had already made the commitment to do business for good.

B1G1 strictly vets every project to maximise the effectiveness of each contribution, ensuring we make a real difference with each and every impact. We get something out of this too. For us it's a deeper sense of purpose and the satisfaction that through our little online business, we can help make positive impacts to people, communities and ecosystems around the world.