• I. Figgle is a funny name, isn't it?
    We chose figgle as a play on the word fig. The fig leaf has always been used to hide things we don't want other people to see. Here at figgle we strive to be open and honest and let you peek over the high walls that businesses usually put up. We're not hiding the fact that we're a business and we want to make enough money to make a living and keep the business going. At the same time, we want to support artists and provide them with a consistent income stream while making an impact on the lives of people around the world by funding projects for good
  • 2. Who are you really?
    My name is Marke (the 'e' is silent) and this business comprises of me and small support team. We are based out of West End in Brisbane with an online presence only. Our official business name is Everyday Art Pty Ltd (ABN 52635307747) and we trade as figgle. Figgle is a registered trademark in Australia and New Zealand with global trademarks in progress. We are not a charity, but we believe that we can balance making profit with making an impact for good and giving back. We support creatives and local businesses while supporting organisations and projects that passionately work towards the UN vision of a better world
  • 3. This looks like a dropshipping business, is it?
    It sure is. We looked at lots of different business models but the dropshipping option suited our approach as the most effective way of keeping our buy-make-ship local promise. We hold no stock and nothing gets made or shipped that hasn't been purchased. By using manufacturers in each country or region, we keep our carbon footprint down by not needlessly shipping overseas, while supporting local businesses
  • 4. Are my payment details safe?
    Our website runs on the Shopify platform. Shopify provides a reliable, secure shopping cart solution

    Credit card and order data is encrypted and secure. Shopify is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 256-bit SSL certificates to keep order details secure
  • 5. Do you offer more than just wall art?
    We have the ambition to do lots more than just wall art, but we had to start somewhere and this seemed like the obvious option. As we introduce more product options we'll announce it loud and clear. Keep an eye on our Insta feed for more info
  • 6. Why are some wall art products available as both giclee prints and canvas, and some as just one or the other?
    Many of our artists paint their original work on canvas and a reprint on canvas looks a little too much like the original. Where an artist prefers not to have their work reproduced on canvas, you'll see other options (e.g. giclee print) available instead
  • 7. What is giclee printing anyway?
    Giclee (a French word, pronounced zhee-clay) is a very high quality print option for fine art. It's the highest quality art reproduction option available and costs considerably more than printing onto canvas. We recommend combining the print with a frame and museum-grade glass for a classy reproduction that will look great on your walls
  • 8. Pricing seems to vary between artists for similar sized items, why is that?
    That, my friend, is a very good question. Here at figgle, we give our artists as much control over how their work is reproduced and sold as possible; almost like this site is their own ecommerce enterprise and an extension of their own brand.

    When artwork is supplied, we provide artists with a menu of options that they can select from, enabling them to dictate the sizes the reproduced work is available in, the format it's available in (e.g. see No. 6 above) and the print quality the work is made available in. For some artists, reproducing to the highest standards possible is non-negotiable. Print quality varies enormously and there is a mind-boggling array of techniques and paper/canvas types that can be printed on. Our manufacturers are all vetted and mystery shopper tested (by friends of ours) so even the lower cost options are good, but some artists prefer that their work is reproduced using the highest quality methods available. The result of this is that similar sized art work may vary considerably in cost between artists, and this is based on the preferences and choices of each artist.
  • 9. How often do you run sales?
    We don't. Ever.

    Yep, you read that right. We never, ever run sales. For a number of reasons.... Firstly, no-one likes that feeling when you've bought something and then see it on-sale; it sucks.

    Secondly, our BIGI impacts and contributions to artists are based on the retail value of the product (on a percentage basis). If we lower the retail amount, it reduces what we can give to our artists and reduces the impact we make on projects around the world.

    We'll never put our products on sale but from time to time we'll increase the contribution to artists and the impact we make to projects and you'll see these as promotions. Follow us on Instagram to see what we're up to
  • 10. Why is delivery time at least a few days, sometimes up to ten days?
    In keeping with our promise to sell, make and ship locally, we don't hold any stock. Every single purchase is made to order in the country of purchase (or country of delivery). Once you've confirmed your order it'll be winging it's way to you asap but if you need something for a specific date, don't leave it to the last minute!
  • 11. How much is shipping?
    Standard shipping is free of charge. Where a supplier offers expedited shopping options, they will be available to you in the check out process.
  • 12. What if my item is lost/damaged in transit
    If your item is lost or damaged in transit, contact us using the contact form on the contact page

    Select 'returns' as your enquiry type and we'll contact you directly and sort it out
  • 13. Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
    We ask that you choose carefully and have decided on the size and style before purchase so you get exactly what you're expecting. At this time, we can't offer refunds for a change of mind. However, if you think that what you received is different from what you thought you were getting, contact us using the contact form on the contact page

    Select the 'returns' enquiry type and we'll contact you directly to sort it out
  • 14. Do you offer gift certificates?
    Not yet, but it's something we're working on. Watch this space!
  • 15. I don't live in Australia or New Zealand. how do I get my hands on some of this?
    It you know someone in Australia or New Zealand that's coming to visit you soon. they could buy it and bring it with them.... Seriously though, the idea of buying, making and shipping locally is Important to us and so far we've only signed up suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. We expect to expand production into other regions quickly. so watch this space!
  • 16. I'm an artist/drop shipping wholesaler keen to join the Figgie Family. what do I need to do?
    We're always on the lookout for more artists and suppliers that share our values and want to join this growing family. To get in touch, use the contact form on the contact page

    Select 'join the figgle family' as your enquiry type and we'll contact you directly to organise a Covid-appropriate meet and greet.

    Alternatively, drop us an email on hello@figgle.com
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