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In many cultures there is a deep kinship between humans and the natural world. For the Maori people of New Zealand the connection is expressed through kaitiakitanga – a way of managing the environment. Kaitiaki are those that act as the guardians and protectors of that environment. I related strongly to this concept. We are the Kaitiaki of this land. It’s time we remembered that we come from the great Mother (Papatuanuku) and start looking after her just as she provides for us.

On one level I’m looking to portray the essence of the landscape, our Mother, with aesthetic qualities in order to derive that positive emotional response we experience when we engage with something of beauty. As an intuitive I use colour to build on the emotional qualities I feel within these environments and portray the play of light across the scene.

I work with oils on a range of sizes, the large unstretched canvas allows me the freedom of full body movement behind my mark making that is restricted on the smaller stretched canvases. The combination of large gestural marks and bold use of colour leads you on a journey into the landscape whist still exploring the nature of the medium.

The call to be an Artist is one that I’ve always heard but struggled to face as lifes ‘should’s’ loom with University Degrees, proper jobs, mortgages, families etc. It is an honour to finally be listening to that part of myself that has nudged me for so long. I live in a small coastal village just north of Wellington, New Zealand with my husband and 3 children.

- Winner Jane Hyde Painting Award 2018 – Friends of Pataka
- Winner of Peoples Choice Awards 2017 – Friends of Pataka
- Group Exhibition ‘Four Women who Paint’ at Bottle Creek Gallery Pataka – - Nov-Dec 2018
- Solo Exhibition ‘Essence’ at Toi Gallery Pataka – Jul-Aug 2019
- Solo Exhibition at Exhibitions Gallery – Mar-Apr 2020

Instagram - Alicja_Jean