Pilar Villamor

Pilar Villamor headshot

I am fascinated by nature and what hides behind it. Also a scientist, I study the landscape for signs of prehistoric earthquakes. This enquiring into shape, texture, colour and the dynamism and often ferocity behind what to a naked eye could look like a soothing and static scene, is what inspires me. From the expanding universe to a tiny tree leaf, all is art, all is science.

I work with different media and techniques, and particularly enjoy those that I do not have full control on. I like the surprise factor when working with, for example, mixed media, cold wax, and ecoprint. It is when the painting gains its own control of the final result. There is a dialogue between the artist, the media and the painted subject. The result is a joint product. The same as the landscape, the painting is always hiding something that we cannot see; something that may be revealed to us through the painting process.

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