Our Purpose

#GivingBack #SocialResponsibility #TheInfiniteGame

A lot of things influenced us to create figgle, and one of those things was the book, The Infinite Game, by Simon Sinek. It was a game changer. Quick summary: start with a mission. A very clear mission. One that you can never achieve so it'll get you out of bed each day and drive you and your team along your journey.

For us, it's to provide every creative with an opportunity to earn a long-term income from each piece they produce. Being a creative and making a living is tough. Now, imagine if there was a platform that did all the work for you and listed reproductions of your work for sale in various countries in various formats. That's what we imagined and ultimately created. However, that wasn't quite enough. It had have a bigger purpose than just making money, it had to give back in other ways too and try not to take too much in the process.

Being socially responsible is about trying to give back as much as possible while taking as little or creating as little risk (to the environment or to society) as possible. For us, giving back, maximising the impact on society and minimising the impact on the environment is embedded within our values, embedded within the business model and underpins every decision we make. It was never an afterthought or an add-on. It had to be there to ensure the artists were proud to be part our journey. It's why we exist.

Supporting and promoting creatives is at the very heart of figgle

We encourage you to browse through all our artists and support any that create work you like. Follow them on social media, write reviews of what you buy and join a growing community of people that passionately support creatives, providing them with stability and financial security.

We're always looking for new artists to join our #figglefamily as we like to call it. You can go all-in from the start, or become a guest artist and dip your toe in. Either way, you're very welcome and we'd love to hear from you!

Act globally, buy locally

It sounds like a gimmicky tag line, but it's true. You can be in the USA, buying a product to be delivered in the UK, featuring artwork by an artist living in Australia. By doing this, you'll support the Australian artist and the local manufacturer in the UK thanks to our dropshipping business model. When you purchase a product from us, the item is made or finished in the region or country it's being delivered in. This supports local manufacturing, local delivery services and all the suppliers that supply the bits and pieces that are needed to make the item. As we grow, we'll keep on-boarding manufacturers in every country we operate in, so that you're having a truly local impact.

Minimising our impact on the planet

We want you to love the products you buy from us, but that love should not cost the earth, literally. We work with our suppliers to ensure that all stages of production and shipping leave the smallest footprint as possible, whether it's environmentally-friendly water-based inks, the use of recycled water in the production process, the use of fully recyclable packaging (that's a work in progress!) or off-setting the carbon cost of things we can't control. We are constantly pushing our suppliers to think about their entire process and optimise it to conserve our precious resources. Our dropshipping business model minimises international freight and keeps delivery regional only so you don't have things flying around the planet unnecessarily.