Karin McCombe Jones

Karin McCombe Jones photograph

Award winning expressive Welsh artist Karin lives in Wellington, New Zealand. She paints with an abundance of kaleidoscopic colour in acrylics.

In 2018 Karin won the Peoples Choice Award at The Wellington Regional Arts Review. She is the only NZ member of an international online art collective featuring 15 artists from 10 different countries.

Her animal paintings whilst often appearing whimsical with Karin delighting in portraying moments full of humorous expression, do frequently highlight endangered species and have symbolic messages.

She is concerned about conservation and the fragility of many species.

In 2012 she gave up teaching the Arts full time to return her focus to her own practice as a painter and sculptor.

Karin has exhibited in New Zealand, Canada and Wales.

Her works hang in Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales and the U.S.A.

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