Jane Harrison-King

Jane Harrison-King artist

Jane paints outdoors in her studio overlooking the tropical ocean and islands of the Great Barrier Reef in North Australia, a far cry from where she was born and raised in the Yorkshire Dales village of Giggleswick.

A creative her whole life, she has worked as a journalist, writer, tv presenter and fashion designer; and for the last 20 years has been living a nomadic life travelling the globe with her family, stumbling across the remote part of Australia that is now her home of seven years.

Her art is inspired by the colours, sounds and shapes of the landscape and nature surrounding her home - the palms, ocean and beach where she swims every morning - and by memories made and collected each day. "I paint a feeling, a moment in time - a fun, happy, uplifting moment in time. When I paint I am calm and free. I paint quickly and spontaneously and as I add colour upon colour the painting simply finds itself - it's own balance and place in the world. Then I smile, all is well."

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