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100% of profits from all products sold from this collection will go to the Red Cross Ukraine appeal.
Our target is to raise AU$5,000 to support on-the-ground efforts that address this growing humanitarian disaster, and we need your help! Please share the link to this collection and spread the word. Here's the full url:
How it works:
  • Work in this collection has been offered commission-free by the artists. Some artists have offered all of their work to this cause, some a selection. We are super grateful to all of them.
  • Normally with each sale, the profits are split 3 ways: to projects, to artists and to Figgle. However, with each sale from this collection, the normal projects we support will receive nothing, the artists shall receive nothing and figgle shall do nothing more than cover costs. 100% of profit goes to the appeal.
  • Irrespective of the currency you buy in, all the money ends up back in Australia.
  • Once money is out of Shopify and into our bank account, we'll make donations throughout the campaign in $100 increments via Red Cross Australia and keep you informed of the running total on our social media channels. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Donations to the appeal look like this......
    • AU$9 per mug sold
    • AU$13 per tote bag sold
    • AU$45 per small canvas sold
    • AU$65 per medium canvas sold
    • AU$90 per large canvas sold
    • AU$110 per HUGE canvas sold
We'll be adding more products from our #figglefamily artists and guest artists throughout the campaign so check back regularly and follow our social media channels for updates. Thank you!! Let's #MakeAnImpact
** Due to Covid restrictions in New Zealand, canvas production times have increased to 13 business days from the date of order to the date the canvases are ready for shipping. We apologise for this delay **
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